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About Alexis Cole

Fighting through a design challenge is what I do best! Most of my clients feel overwhelmed with their remodel or design task and feel as though they can not make any of the right decisions. With my design education and experience I can not only help you achieve the goals you have for your home, but relieve the stresses of managing a project that – let’s face it – you are probably too busy for. So I am here to help design a space you will love and your friends will envy!

Designing spaces has always been second nature to me. A daughter of a general contractor, I watched my father work on home renovations and consistently rearranged my bedroom, friends rooms, desks, just to make it feel more organized and balanced. I was destined to work with interiors! I have earned a Visual Communications degree from the FIDM and a Bachelor Degree in Architecture with an emphasis on Sustainability from the University of California, Berkeley. Within the last decade I have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area in corporate retail graphic design and merchandising, staging and architecture firms, and high end interior design companies. The variety of experiences has allowed me to form an understanding of the built environment, pairing comfortably with aesthetics, and incorporate sustainable design whenever possible.

My travels to Asia and South America have influenced my design aesthetic, mixing various cultural iconic items with a twist of modernity and classicism. I believe combining cultural styles brings sophistication with a sense of wonderment and beauty to a space.

And I vow that good design is answering to the needs and desires of my clients and embracing the uniqueness of their space.

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